4-axles light semi-trailer from BERGERecotrail®

4-axles light semi-trailer from BERGERecotrail®

Main technical features:

Internal height: between 2625 and 2715 mm
Net weight of basic equipment: 5960 Kg
Weight: 17000Kg
Maximum load per axle group: 36,000 Kg
Maximum permissible weight: 53000Kg
Usable table; 47,040 Kg
Maximum length: 13850 mm
Maximum width: 2550 mm
Unloaded height: 4000mm
Floor length: 13620 mm
Floor width: 2490mm
Height: 1130 or 1040 mm
Wheelbase: 1410 -1310 -1410 mm
Tires 385 / 65R / 22.5

With the new standard 4-axle semi-trailer 36LTn or 36LTCn, mega 32 LTMn or 32LTMCn BERGERecotrail, including the flat version, we can produce lightweight assemblies – special transport solutions weighing less than 14 tonnes – even with the latest Euro6 trucks.

The name Berger is already known on Slovenk trg. It has established itself as a standard for those who want to optimize weight and reduce consumption. Especially if we carry coils and other loads, indivisible heavy, where every kilogram is saved.

Chassis – Body.

The chassis for the 4-axle semi-trailer is made of the same high-strength S700 high-strength steel with which the manufacturer has been training us for the last 10 years. The side girders are reinforced to meet the requirements of heavy and / or excessive transport, the maximum technically possible load is 47 T.

The axles come from SAF, the first and last are self-rotating. At the same time, the first axis rises. The floors are multi-layered hybrid, reinforced with fiberglass mesh. Specially reinforced sills under the platform ensure load resistance on the truck’s axle 7 T. in accordance with DIN EN 283.

The upgrade for a 4-axle semi-trailer is the same as the upgrade of the “little brothers” with 3 or 2 axles, which is in line with the principles of lightweight construction.
All BERGERecotrail semi-trailers are equipped as standard with the XL code VDI 2700 for load protection.
Obviously, on request you can get both versions as a tray with several options for attaching goods (multi-lock frame, mounting rings 2.5 and 6 To, corner pockets).

Compared to similar vehicles with a standard steel or aluminum chassis, significant weight reduction can be achieved without compromise. The extremely lightweight BERGERecotrail load-bearing construction offers high elasticity and very good fatigue resistance. Deformation is minimal even at extreme point loads (eg steel coil 36+ tons per 2 meters). Even in intensive use, BERGERecotrail vehicles have a long service life and maintain their continued value for the demanding market!

With this new product, a 4-axle semi-trailer, the Austrian manufacturer is expanding its product range and setting new market standards for specialized carriers.