2-axle semitrailers from BERGERecotrail®

New BERGERecotrail® two-axle semitrailer.

Main technical parameters:
– unladen weight of 4285 kg (basic level of equipment).
– total gross weight (tractor + semi-trailer) 38 tonnes in the EU.
– cargo (goods) up to 25 tons.
– floor for 34 europallets.
– sunroof.
Optional lifting axle 2.
– Available XL certificates, drinks, Daimler or tires (mega version only).

18LTMn – Mega BERGERecotrail 2-axle semitrailer.

– has a curb weight of 4.4 tonnes;

– Usable internal height 3000 mm.

– Lifting roof (+350 mm)

– switch height 920 mm;

– total permissible load capacity from a technical point of view: 29000 Kg;

– maximum permissible load capacity: 24575 Kg;

20LTn – BERGERecotrail 2-axle standard semitrailer.

– has a curb weight of 4.2 tonnes;

– usable internal height 2685 mm or 2735 mm;

– Axle B can be an elevator.

– clutch height 1100 or 1150 mm;

– Technical load capacity:. 31,000 Kg;

– maximum permissible load capacity: 26,645 Kg;

20LTMn – BERGERecotrail MEGA 2-axle semitrailer.

– has a curb weight of 4.7 tonnes;

– usable internal height 3000 mm;

– Lifting roof (+350 mm);

– switch height 920 mm;

– Technical load: 31000 Kg;

– maximum permissible load capacity: 26310 Kg;

Many additional options are available for the configuration of BERGERecotrail ® semi-trailers, which can be adapted to different modes of transport: pallet baskets; tool boxes; metal flange, single welded or screwed to stop pallets; shutters; rear portal extended left / right 35 cm; 6000 daN load retaining rings; lift roof; anti-theft insert in the tarpaulin; c hooks for securing and stabilizing the semi-trailer when transported by train or ship; sc durability side of aluminum or wood; side board storage drawer; single water tank; Hub axle mounted on a central axle to monitor mileage; inscription you Digital list; tire transport certificate; cereal transport certificate (available from autumn 2017); beverage transport certificate; XL certificate for transport of general goods; Daimler 9.5 Certificate; SAF axes, BPW; lifting axles; KNORR or WABCO braking system; Airtube ice-free roof system… etc.